A funny word, that. We’ve decided that “home” must be wherever you keep your favorite pillow.

Welcome to Adventures in Congo, a collection of stories that began as emails to friends and family when we first moved here. Many months later I discovered some emails had never made it, having been mistakenly flagged as spam from Nigeria. Even though we’re closer to South Africa than Nigeria. Ahem. Anyway, to get around this problem, the blog was born. I update it a couple times a month, maybe… whenever both the electricity and Internet decide to cooperate. Those are good days.

On the other days, as long as I didn’t have to make my morning coffee over a fire or try to pull off a dinner party, then I’m slowly learning how being “off the grid” can be kind of… well, nice.

The stories are organized into The Latest Tales, an automated list of the ten most recent postings; The French Tales for my ongoing saga about learning French; and The Complete Tales for a categorized list of everything on this site. A good place for anyone who wants to know how or why this whole thing started, or who missed a chunk in the middle, or who are looking for a specific subcategory, like Congolese food or teaching English. Happy reading!