Jambo Bwana

I heard this song recently and it stuck in my head for days.  Last night I asked a social worker here if she knew the song.  Not only could she sing it perfectly, but she wrote down the words for me and gave me my first official Swahili lesson!

Jambo (hello)

Jambo Bwana (hello mister)

Habari Gani? (how are you?)

Musuri Sana! (very well!)

Wageni (visitors)

Mwa Kari Bishwa (you are welcome)

Congo Yetu (Congo is ours)

Hakuna Matata! (no worries!)

The song is originally from Kenya.  Here’s for a little listen.  Beware, it’s very catchy!  http://mwanasimba.online.fr/music/jambo.mp3


  1. Jen, sooo good to hear from you. As a suburban Mom, your life is so amazing to me. I read your posts over and over just to get a glimps into your foreign life. Thank you for posting and please keep it up. I’m happy to hear you are doing so well. I’ve missed hearing from you. Ü


    1. Thanks Angie, I am so grateful that you like the blog and that we are still in touch! What did our yearbooks say? ’91 Rules! and Stay Sweet! 🙂


  2. Jen,

    … that is sooooooo cool! What a great beat … I would love to be on the dance floor when
    that’s played!

    Thanks for sharing!


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