The election results were supposed to be announced December 6, which was then pushed to December 8, time to be announced. Yesterday morning we heard they were supposed to announce the results at 6pm. Then a message was sent to change the expected time to 8pm. Then a third message announcing 10pm. This morning we hear it will be delayed another day. This must be what my Nigerian professor meant when he described “African time.”

But this is good news for us, selfishly. Every day this week international flights have been cancelled, then added back, then cancelled again. Yesterday we were thrilled to hear that even though our Ethiopian flights were cancelled, our company charter plane could take us to Ndola, Zambia. It would be a relief to be somewhere with a functioning airport, even if getting to our ultimate destination would take much longer. So it’s even nicer to arrive at the mine airport this morning and find out the original plan is back on! Of course I won’t believe it until we’re sitting in our seats, drinks in hand.

I haven’t yet posted where we are heading for a little pre-Christmas break! And I haven’t told my family yet, either, mostly because it will freak them out. So that’s hint #1. Hint #2 – It’s northeast of us. Hint #3 – It’s very warm. Hint #4 – It’s well-developed, safe, good for tourists, but you wouldn’t think so based on its region.

Any guesses???


  1. Humm, Lebanon ? Am I a party killer or what ? If so, have some baklava, it’s to die for !
    On se voit dans 2 semaines, bon voyage & bons vols.


    1. Lebanon… Close, very close! I’m not sure how well it fits the “safe” criterion… At any rate, this place is even safer. Well, if using the US State Dept country descriptions as a guide!


      1. Good guess, but wrong sea! We are further south and quite a bit east. Maybe Lebanon wasn’t so close but it was in the right region and spirit of things. 🙂
        Hint #6 It’s not an island.
        Hint #7 The country borders 3 seas.
        And btw, we arrived safely a few hours ago…


  2. Juswt got word from Rick that results are in – no big surprise – hope all stays calm.

    I am intrigued by your trip… anything to do with large silver-backed mammals???


    1. Oh Lauren, can I just tell you how much I’d love to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda or Uganda! It’s on the list. Have you been?
      Hint #5 – This place has a beach!


  3. Hi Jen….Mom here. I think it’s UAE or Oman; am I close? Just please don’t tell me it’s Saudi Arabia. Have a good time and safe travels. I want to see you both arrive in Orlando safe and sound in January!


    1. Ding ding ding! Great job Mom!! We are in Oman for a week of R&R on a very warm beach. We tried for UAE first since a lot of flights go directly from Addis to Dubai, but Canada has some kind of trade dispute with them so Seb would have needed to get an expensive visa in advance. By that time we had our heart set on the Arabian desert, and we kept hearing how nice Oman is (only an hour from Dubai), so here we be!


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