Geography, Take II

Two follow-ups to yesterday’s post about where the heck Congo is.

First, the Sara that I mentioned… she knows who she is, but my other friends named Sara might be wondering! Sara is a geography and history buff (an all-around very cool very smart gal) who noticed that I repeated my location and maps over and over again when we first moved here. Once over a cocktail during a visit back home, she said something along the lines of, “all right already! enough with the maps, we get it!” So I thought she might get a good chuckle out of yesterday’s post. (And I have even more stories for you on this topic, Sara, over another cocktail someday!)

Secondly, after posting the article and retiring to bed, I downloaded the newest episode of my favorite podcast, This American Life. (God bless our new Internet plan!!) Act One was a little fictional piece about a blind date between a tipsy gal named Julie and a warlord. Yes, a warlord. From Congo, apparently. Here was the little nugget that made me laugh out loud:

“Can you picture where the Congo is on a map?” asked the warlord.

Julie exaggerated: “Kind of.”

“This is Africa.” He pointed to an imaginary map in the air between them. “This is the Indian Ocean, this is the Democratic Republic of the Congo, this is just regular Congo.”

“Wha – What? Hold up.”

“I know. That’s just how it is. I didn’t name them.”

Visit for the full podcast.


One comment

  1. Forgot to mention: The story of Julie and the Warlord comes from BJ Novak, of The Office fame. Not my favorite episode of This American Life, by the way, but normally I love their shows. And I like The Office a lot.


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