So, how’s this thing work?

Before turning to WordPress for help with the your-emails-come-from-Nigeria-therefore-we-will-block-them problem, I used to send my travel stories to friends and family via email.  Below is an archive of those.  If you’re new to my blog, these may help give some background to who we are and why the heck we are in Congo.  (And if you were a customer in my address book at the time, you may have missed some of these!)

For the record… I started working on this blog in November, and didn’t actually “publish” it until… umm, August?  Such is the speed of the internet here.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful we have internet at all… I’m just sayin’.

As a result, the “date published” of the stories below match the date I emailed them, but posts since then have been artificially engineered to match the actual date of the event.  Well, some of them.  A little confusing, maybe, if you’re watching closely…