Sunday Scenes

Not a lot to say here, for once… just a few scenes from our occasional Sunday walks around town. Some of these photos were taken yesterday, and others go back as far as 2012! This walk still gives me a little thrill, every time.


Measuring some tablecloth fabric.


Spoon, 50 cents. Bowl, 75 cents. Bowl with kitty, $100.75 for anyone overly interested. Seems fair.


Smoked river fish for sale at the market. Discounted if you can tell a good joke.

Women selling mushrooms.

Mushrooms for sale, very tasty if you can get to them before the maggots hatch. (Like all fresh mushrooms, I just learned. Oh well, extra protein.)

Chickens for sale, organic free-range I’m guessing.


Kids posing for passersby while their parents are in church.


What’s on at the cinema today.

Local entrepreneurship.

Local entrepreneurship.


And across the street, a gas station. (Plus shoe shop.)

Pigs, chickens, and washed-out roads after a big rain.

Pigs, chickens, and washed-out roads after a big rain.


A typical watering hole, except this one features the company’s latest safety slogan.


The biggest bar/hotel/restaurant in town, and the tallest structure around. Our usual Sunday perch with great views and breezes.

Such as this green, hilly neighborhood (notice the brick-making furnaces behind the hotel's satellite dishes)...

Such as this green, hilly neighborhood (notice the brick-making furnaces behind the hotel’s satellite dishes)…


… and copper-laden hills the other direction (notice the water-pumping station behind the abandoned truck).


Kids watching us drink a couple Simbas, high up on the third floor. See ya next week.



  1. Thanks again, for sharing!!! I can’t wait to show Alex and his class. I’m guessing they will want the kitten!!! It does my heart good to see those kiddos all smiling, happy and healthy! Every time I think of you and the DRC it put this silly Kansas girl in her place….beautiful people, beautiful lives, captured by a beautiful friend.


    1. The kitten shot is my favorite too! Yes, children here are always smiling and playing, and very friendly, happy to say hello to strangers. It does my heart good, too. (By the way, “does me good” is a phrase we studied in class just the day before you wrote this!) Thank you my beautiful friend!


  2. “The biggest bar/hotel/restaurant in town” – our name for this place was “The All Purpose Palace” – I think you left one of the purposes out – were you just being tasteful or did the discotheque/whorehouse parts go away? Harry and I ate goat meat on a stick there (right after you and Seb did – we met you guys as you were coming out). They had music on an old phonograph – every time power went out temporarily the music would slow and stop – it was pretty funny.

    The kids and the villiage are my favorites. Thanks for the pics, Jen 🙂


    1. Haha, “all purpose palace” — that’s funny! I’d heard the rumors but also that they were overblown. Or not unlike every other place in town. We’ve been there often and haven’t seen any funny business (course we usually go on Sunday mornings). We would have enjoyed having a beer with you there, Carl! Come back and see us! And bring Mira!


  3. Great photos – laughed out loud at the car wash and gas station…the pigs, not so much. And I’m wondering just how long of a table was being measured out in the first photo. Must have been for a large family!


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