Kuala Lumpur

I love trains.  They’re a comfortable and fun way to travel, not to mention much cheaper and greener than flying.  And unlike flying, you get to see stuff while en route.  There’s a great website for train travel that I’ve used in China, India, and throughout this trip:  It’s written by one dude whose job I envy and is chock-full of details and travel advice.  I may use it more than Lonely Planet, even.

Our train to Kuala Lumpur left Singapore a taddd early for my tastes – we were at the station by 6am if I remember correctly – just to make sure we had plenty of time for check-in.  We did.  Ahem.  Continue reading

A Month in Southeast Asia

What a luxury to be able to travel for an entire month.  This has never happened before in our working lives (and may never happen again, unless we remain expats).  At first, we had quite exaggerated views of what we could accomplish in a month.  “Let’s go to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and maybe Hong Kong too!” we thought.  Continue reading