Singapore, not so much

First up, two flights and a night in Johannesburg before the next-day’s flight to Singapore.  We almost blew the budget at dinner that night, we were so excited to be in the presence of an actual restaurant and on our way.  And despite arriving at the airport nearly three hours before departure the next day, we almost missed the flight to Singapore.  We stood in line for two hours at the cramped international terminal in a line that barely moved the whole time.  There seemed to be only two attendants working, and no self-service kiosks anywhere.  I finally went up to the empty “internet only” desk and asked if we could check in there.  We still have no idea what “internet only” means exactly, but we got through.  As usual, my husband encouraged me to travel with a single backpack; it helped that we didn’t have to check in any luggage.

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A Month in Southeast Asia

What a luxury to be able to travel for an entire month.  This has never happened before in our working lives (and may never happen again, unless we remain expats).  At first, we had quite exaggerated views of what we could accomplish in a month.  “Let’s go to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and maybe Hong Kong too!” we thought.  Continue reading