Made in China

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, what about when the imitation is ridiculously bad?

Timberland… with an accent

I’ve been eyeing this bag in the local market for months now. I had to have it, if only to post a photo of it. The negotiation to buy it turned out to be pretty amusing, too. If you can call it a negotiation.

Me, standing near the bag which was hanging outside the shop: “S’il vous plaît, j’ai une question.” (Please, I have a question.)

The vendor, standing inside: “Sept mille cinq cent francs.” (about $7.50)

Me, pointing overhead in the general direction of the bag but could have been pointing to at least five other things: “Mais je n’ai pas encore posé la question.” (But, I have not yet asked the question.)

The vendor: “Sept mille francs.” (about $7)

Me, laughing, and resorting to English: “But how do you know which item I’m interested in?”

The vendor: “Ok, ok, cinq mille francs.” (about $5)

Me, proud of my tough bargaining skills: Handing over cinq mille francs.


  1. LOL!!!! What a funny story. Keep going with your tough bargaining skills; you may come home with an elephant next time.


  2. LOL – now that’s what I call good business – that dude is awesome.
    P.S. unfortunately the bad accent doesn’t work when buying a car – trust me.


  3. Love it! You could have kept asking questions! And the bag is delightful. send the picture to Timberland for a giggle but don’t say where its from.


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